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Jan29-10, 09:49 PM
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Ok, so similar to how normal Christians don't believe the earth earth/universe was created in 6 days, and the other stories of the angels and virgin birth, and other miracles in the Bible, such as Jesus healing the sick, or rising from the dead, etc...
I am uncertain if you are being sarcastic here or not, lol.
I would consider Jesus to be somewhat different just like Hercules. The idea that such a person existed and did incredible things is something I think many people would believe though I think most would at least be skeptical of the accuracy of the stories.
Angels I know a lot of people believe in. Whether or not they believe the stories in the bible about them actually happened would be another thing.

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I guess that a large part of the population back then may have believed more than people now do. Don't forget they used to do blood letting to remove evil spirits.
Superstition is yet another thing. We still have it today too though primarily in other forms and we usually refer to them as myths such as humans only using 10% of their brain. Based on a certain world view and ignorance of modern medicine I can see how someone might believe that there is something evil in their blood making them sick. The same way a person in a modern developed society with their world view and ignorance of science may believe silly things like 10% usage of the brain. Either way I think its a far cry from believing in fancy stories.

I know that there are people who do believe the bible literally word for word, though I think that they are a minority. I believe that the catholic church is also partly responsible for the phenomenon. Until about one thousand years ago most people paid little more than lip service to Christianity. Then the church defined the biblical canon and formed the inquisition to enforce strict interpretation of it. I am not certain if any ancient religion ever had such a pervasive and wide spread force driving strict adherence to particular beliefs.