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Feb3-10, 12:19 AM
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After reading this I come away feeling you are biased against Obama...
Certainly yes. I, like everyone else, have a opinions and biases and my opinion of his performance is negative and that leads to a build-up of a negative bias. Similarly, someone who predominantly posts positive things about Obama has a positive bias.

However, I think I am better than average at looking past my personal biases and dealing in facts and logic. My posts above were not a rant - I put a lot of effort into research and presenting facts and logic.
...and biased for 'American' nationalism, the 'get rid of everyone in our way immediately' sort of nationalism.
Not sure how you get that from anything I've written above.
I do not see how the incident on Christmas day is similar to the shooting at Fort Hood... so I do not think his reaction to both events should have been the same at all.
Both are national security threats, so both require responses by the President to the national security threat.
In hindsight it's possible to claim both were motivated by terrorism but I do not see how our hindsight could have played a role in Obamas speech. Just because YOU were willing to call this man out does not mean the president should.
Huh? Whether you call the Ft. Hood shooting "terrorism" or not, it still happened. Are you suggesting that if we don't call it terrorism, we don't need to try to prevent similar acts from happening again?