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Stellar Tourist
Jul19-04, 04:29 PM
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it's a strange idea,
but wasn't all that anti-energy and anti-matter and negative anti-particles supposed to have vanished ? I mean if you go back to the early moments in time, before our sun and before the formation of galaxies to the time of the Big bag wasn't there a battle between the positive and negative energy..matter Vs anti-matter and didn't positive matter win out to form the creation of matter. At the later push the inflation of the universe also lead to creation of other forms like Z particles, muons, quarks..until the further on the bulding blocks of atoms were formed until particles could become fused and neutrons came together or combined to produce a nucles of heavy hydrogen or deuterium or isotopes of hydorgen..if all this anti-energy or anti-matter was wiped out in the early universe the where does this new fifth force fit in and why does it display a nature which could be described as anti-gravity..was the poster right in saying with enough time, will new forces manifest in our universe or is this wrong ?