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Mar20-10, 01:23 PM
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Senior in high school... looking for most optimal path to a good CS grad school.

Let me try to clarify here. I chose business when I applied to the university because I thought accounting was a relatively safe, stable career and that computer science was somehow less so. I find computer science more meaningful but that doesn't mean I find every aspect of it to be "fun". It is work, like any other work but I find computer science the most meaningful compared to any other career/job out there.

Also, I found that I value this meaningfulness in a career more than the supposed stability of accounting. Thus, if I choose to continue with a business major, it will not be for my original intent of pursuing accounting but maybe an easy, blow-off one such as marketing, finance, or entrepreneurship. This would (hopefully) free up much of my time for research experiences in Computer Science. This also raises the question, how much does a comp sci major's classes (even upper-level ones) actually aid him in real comp sci research? I wanted to find out if the compsci classes are really just hoops to demonstrate that you can get a decent GPA, while having very little to do with the area of research I'm interested in (AI and machine learning).

So the dilemma is whether to go with the business degree and make the research aspect stand out for CS grad school, or do whatever I can to get into the CS program, maybe not have as much time to do research due to the rigor of the academics but still do some research on the side when time permits. I was thus wondering how grad schools would like either option lol. I'm not familiar with the system very much so this may seem a bit naive :(