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Tom Mattson
Mar21-03, 12:00 PM
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Originally posted by Lifegazer
With all due respect, this is absolute garbage. I don't have to learn string-theory to know that it is based upon an intangible concept.
You are wrong.

You are the one saying, "string theory says...". You have to know string theory to make a statement like that. End of story.

Look pal; this is the philosophy forum - not the physics forum. When you come in here claiming that 1 or 2-dimensional concepts can exist as tangible beings, then expect your assumption to be challenged by reason.
Actually, he's not claiming that. You are saying that string theory is claiming that.

Furthermore, if your sole response to my posts is going to be "You need to learn more physics", then it is obvious to me that you haven't got a clue what philosophy is all about.

Spare me a repeat performance of crap like this.
You're acting like an ***. Stop it now.