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May31-10, 02:25 PM
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Thanks Om,

I just did a quick calculation, and a 10 mile dia. ring (single row) would require 22,440 boxes, but then this is a big disaster.
I guess the big concerne would be can the confinement area be in a location that would not interfere with the operations of killing the well or bringing it back into control ?

Do you or anyone have thoughts about the tube tunnel, using air bubbles ?

Did you not get my PM?

And what's this about air bubbles?

I don't think a surface containment device the size of which you are talking about is necessary. The opinion on leak rate ranges from 500,000 to 4.2 million gallons of oil per day.(ref) So worst case is around 3000 gallons per minute that would have to be pumped out. So with existing technologies, a containment area 100 feet across and maybe 20 feet deep would be all that is needed. IMHO of course.

ps. The non-water permeable ripstop material I mentioned is only $6.95 a yard. So a 60" wide pair of the materials, sewn into a tube, at 1 mile length, would only cost ~$25,000. Must less costly than the nearly $1 billion dollars that spent so far.

And it comes in Royal, so I'm sure the queen would approve.