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Jun3-10, 10:54 AM
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I suggested this:

"POSSIBLE REMEDY TO BP OIL LEAK ? Is it not possible sinking succesively smaller (=less diameter) and smaller steel tubes inside present tube in the well? At the same time "gluing" them to surrounding tube. Resulting in a layered steel tube of smaller and smaller inner flow diameter? At last a solid steel shaft is inserted in the last most narrow cylinder. Never a very huge force would be needed to press these units into the remaining cylindrical hole. At least every new cylinder inserted into the wider outside, will decrease the flow - so at last hardly no oil is leaking through. Theoretically this must work. Perhaps also possible inserting a large number of steel bars successevely into the main tube according to the same principle. But the point using cylinders might be possibility minimizing dead space allowing oil leaking through. Just a layman suggestion, almost certainly already considered - but I guess all suggestions are interesting in this critical case. (This is a copy of what I wrote in an ATS thread - perhaps already suggested here) "

1) they can't glue steel tubes together especially while the well is flowing.
2) even if they could seal the tubes together the pressure acting on the surface area on the bottom of the tubes would blow them out.