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Mar21-03, 02:42 PM
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Originally posted by (Q)
Lifegazer: reality emanates from Mind.

I get it now – you’re one of those “nothing-exists-outside-of-the-minds-eye” and “reality-is-just-a-perception-and-illusion-of-the-mind” proponents.

That argument is completely moot. It isn’t even philosophy – its simply psycho-babble.
Why's it not philosophy? Philosophy is about making conclusions via reason. What you mean, is that it's not a philosophy which you are willing to entertain or address. In fact, you can't even be bothered to address my posts about concepts. Are you here to debate, or to preach?
If YOUR reality emanates from YOUR mind, whom then are you arguing with - yourself?
I haven't said that reality emanates from 'my' mind. I've said that all reality emanates within a single Mind. That would include 'my' reality, too.