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Jun17-10, 07:19 AM
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Well the high-balling greenies certainly beat out the industry apologists on this forum .

The interesting thing is what comes next. Given the coming global production crunch over the next four years, economies may need BP more than it needs them. So expect real politiks to win over harsh words, harsh penalties. Confidently predict that the goal is still that 40% of US domestic petroleum comes from deep sea drilling by 2020. As nothing less gives even close to business as usual.

And when it comes to environmental damage, are a few giga-spills in the gulf going to be any more of a cost than the slow but sure destruction of Canada's open pit oil sand mining? Or China's exponential increase in coal burning?

Hey, is that the edge of a cliff I can see looming? Quick, jam the foot down harder. And you clever techo-boffins in the back see if you can rustle up some wings for this here dang old car .
That's well said, and probably the most accurate statement in the 15 or so pages I've read.