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Jul28-10, 09:37 AM
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Again, our modern definitions of "Nationality" are very different nowadays, what with our passports and flags and anthems.
Perhaps, those Egyptian Greeks moved to Greece when it was founded! Most of the times we are prisoners of our own prejudices and tilts. Once you called Euclid an Egyptian, you have committed a crime in some sense. It would make him an Egyptian, not a Greek or European, which coincidentally would make him one of forefathers of Egyptian Muslims, further it would make him an Asian, further a Middle Easterner. I assure you some would prosecute you for this crime. If someone lived 1000 centuries ago in India and was following some culture of Chinese origin, he would still be an Indian to me. It's not entirely about the nationality. Likewise, telling someone that Babylonia once stood where Iraq is today may disturb him. Telling some people that many of the things discovered in the West after 15th century had already been discovered in India, or Indian Subcontinent to be precise, much earlier could make them uncomfortable.

Note: I'm not an English learner, and I mostly make poor choice of words. I intend not to offend anyone but it's my humble and personal opinion(s). Please take them lightly.