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Aug18-10, 11:05 PM
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How confident are you in the veracity of your source? From everything that I have ever been able to find, "fused-alloy" bullets are a purely fictional creation from the writers of "CSI: Miami". All bullets consist of some sort of alloy; even the ones that are intended to be pure lead have impurities. The kind that you refer to, however, simply doesn't exist.
I read a post on Usenet a couple years back or so about one contractor's use of a "blended metal" bullet, and he said the soft tissue damage was unbelievable. I've also seen videos on YouTube featuring them being test fired. It's explained somewhat how they work. I'm not talking here about simple frangible bullets, like the ones in use in the M-16/A-1 and A-2 series, but ones that pretty well explode in soft tissue. The bullets' makers are producing videos showing their usage, and they're selling to the military apparently, as well as "contractors" in Iraq, so there must be some merit to their claims. In any case, they were certainly be easy for anyone who could debunk them to do so; if you offer to validate their claims and they refuse, they're fakes, and they know that so I don't think they're selling hokum. I'd just like to know how they work and if they create a lot of heat after impact.