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physics girl phd
Aug31-10, 02:12 PM
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Got stains... don't pout, Zout gets the stains out.
(Even that tasty sauerkraut, and that liverwurst made from pigs' snout).
It works so well, you'll want to shout.

Clothes looking so good you can tout about some clout,
Without getting called a lout...
As long as you don't spout so much to get in a bout.
(Remember to act like an Eagle Scout!)

Unfortunately it can do nothing about your gout.
(For that -- you should consider that fact you're too stout...)

It also won't help you snare a trout,
it won't help you repair your grout,
And it won't help your veggies sprout -- when there's a drought.

For those tasks, you'll need to go some other route.
Seriously, I use about a third of a bottle for every load of "baby laundry," but it does get almost all stains out (excepting the felt-tip ink pens I like to use... and that little E likes to steal off the edge of my desk and use to write on herself -- augh!). I've suggested this to all kinds of other people -- including my mom, and they agree it's the best clothes stain remover on the market.

I also couldn't live without my steam generator iron.