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Sep11-10, 07:53 AM
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Something that's been on my mind lately (me without any research experience) has been: Why do some researchers end up with craploads of a published papers under their belt whereas others only have a few?

Does it all boil down to work ethic or is there something else involved?

I'm basing this on the very naive notion that the work on see on their institutional web page constitutes as what they've done. However, I'm sure some opt out of listing their papers. Or perhaps they only list the important ones. Regardless, I still find lots of profs that have only a handful via Google Scholar while others have a lot more.

What do you think makes the difference?
Age, mathematical ability, inherent difficulty of the questions they answer/subjects they study, other duties within the department (are they also an academic advisor? a department head? etc.), other duties in their personal life (some professors may be single and others might be married with 4 kids) can all be a factor. The exact answer is a function of the individual professor being considered.