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Sep14-10, 05:04 AM
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Yeah, mug where are you getting this from?
From the source. To wit: "10. Acceptable Methods of Attaining Orbit
Any method of attaining orbit is acceptable, provided it does not breach the rules or spirit of the N-Prize Challenge. Examples might include (but are by no means limited to) conventional rockets; balloon-launched rockets (rockoons); gun-launched projectiles; or combinations of these or other methods. All entrants are strongly advised to contact the organisers at the outset to ensure that their proposal falls within the rules and spirit of the N-Prize Challenge."

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Ask them. Eliminate the confounding details in your propsoal - just tell them you plan to suspend the satellite on a tower 100km up, over a fixed point on Earth.
Gutemine reported he's already done that, and that they confirmed his concept meets their rules with respect to their definition of the term "orbit."

ETA: If you find something in the rules which specifically disqualifies his idea, I'm all ears. The rules appear, however, to encourage out of the box thinking.