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Angry Citizen
Sep22-10, 08:50 AM
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By the way, can you explain in what way you are an 'outlier', because just saying 'outlier' doesn't really say anything at all except that you aren't in the mainstream.
Well, for one, I didn't go to high school. For two, I had about a 4th grade math level before entering college last fall. For three, I keep a keen eye on pedagogical techniques. I discuss it with both the educators and those being educated. But mostly, my point was simply that I am relatively unique in my learning style. I do not learn from books very well. I'm not a very visual learner either. Now, either you must accept that I have a very keen intuitive grasp on physics, or that it is entirely unnecessary to know how to do all that gobbeldygook during middle school, because I'm doing quite well in my intro physics class without it.

Believe me, I understand your mentality. It's typical of the modern take on education. Drill it into them young, drill it into them again, drill it into them when they go to college, and maybe, just maybe, once they get a job they remember some part of chapter 2. I just think there are better ways of going about it.