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Sep22-10, 10:20 AM
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Well you could cartainly try. This kind of thing was tried back in the 60s, it didn't get very far. There is no point in designing a curriculum that only targets a small minority of people.

The basic fact is most people in the world are dreadful at at mathematics. This is something this forums seems to overlook, people who acutally enjoy physics and mathematics are very much in the minority in this world. It's largely pointless in teaching children something that will serve them no purpose in later life. Statistics would serve the general denizens of this world far better than calculus ever could.
I think people tend to be dreadful at mathematics because it is not taught properly. Calculus isn't just useful for analyzing physics and chemistry and assorted other topics, it has explanatory value in and of itself. Again speaking from personal experience, algebra became so much clearer once I knew why those techniques were taught. For instance, I couldn't give a darn less about multiplying by conjugates until I started studying limits. I didn't appreciate the beauty of e until I heard the definition of the natural logarithm. I certainly didn't much understand the purpose of being able to discern the equation of a line from a point and a slope. To me, learning calculus is like a myopic person putting on glasses. Sure, you can vaguely understand some concepts, but it's so much clearer in light of calculus.