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Aug20-04, 08:03 PM
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maps: is thought that the basques may be the remnats of a pre-Indo-European culture that may of once covered a large part of Europe, but even this is on the speculative side. Basques in Britain tho' is a little far-fetched.
I think the first 'may' is pretty strong; Basque, the language, is one of only five in the world that appear to have no relationship to any other reasonably well defined language (extinct ones included) - and the only such in Europe. Further, Cavalli-Sforza et al found that the Basques (a population group) are an outlier in the European population group (which itself fissioned from the 'non-African' group some ~40kya). That there were pre-Indo-European cultures that covered a large part of Europe is not at all 'may' (the proto-Indo-Europeans dispaced the original inhabitants); the Basque connection however is a may.