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Oct2-10, 10:47 AM
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I'm a college student right now but I don't like most clubs. In clubs, most people end up talking to their friends anyways, and I end up having no one to talk to. And beyond that, I'm just not a big fan of the way clubs are structured/organized (I have ADD so I zone out very quickly whenever there are lectures that don't follow written text).

I've never been one for the bar scene myself either. I'm really so much more the "barbecue scene."

My friends used to feel bad for me, sitting in the Physics department all by myself all day; so they used to invite me out--which I appreciated. Thing of it is though: college students in general seem to like bars and clubs; and frankly, I knew that just wasn't me. Still I went along.

We went to this place in Greenwich Village once--it was "Club 80's," or something like that. And they had this huge bouncer, that I pretty much must have looked like I was a much shorter imitation of the whole evening (with my arms folded, holding up the wall, minding my own business).

I don't drink or smoke at all either; so there's pretty much no way to look cool holding up the wall like that, not dancing). Not that I could dance though, short of pulling an "Elaine" from Seinfeld.

It's funny to watch people when they're drunk though. The dance floor was packed so tight, you could barely move. So inevitably what happens, is that some guy elbows some other guy (and they've both had too much); so then they start going at it.

Enter the bouncer. He literally gets one of the two in a headlock, loses balance, and barrels into me, head first into my sternum (which even sounds lame to talk about ).

I sooo didn't belong there. Exit Francis.