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Oct18-10, 02:55 PM
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On the other hand, the fact that air over the wing travels faster isn't directly related to the lift. It does tell you that you have positive circulation, which means the air is deflected downwards, which is how you really compute lift, because you can now use momentum conservation (Kutta Joukowski Theorem). But lift itself is caused by pressure at the boundary, and the air speed at the boundary is zero all around the wing. So you cannot use it as an explanation of lift.
Thanks, but now I'm not sure if I understand. It might be that I misunderstood my fluid mechanic course, but I believe we used the fact that the air flows faster over the wing and the bernoulli equation to show that there will be a lift. I have read the links and see that there are other things that create lift too, but is it wrong to say that that faster flow over the wing creates lift?