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Oct20-10, 02:09 AM
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Dear Andy,

well, for me it's also not easy to parse your posts, e.g. expressions like "vortex tip shedding".

In my first post in that thread I wanted to point out the importance of the Kutta condition in understanding the lift of a wing. I think we both can agree on that.

My further comments refered mainly to what K^2 wrote and of which you said "This is correct".
I wondered especially about the "separation layer" and how it may or may not separate sheets of air of different velocity.
You also later wrote:
"AFAIK, the relationship between a discontinuous velocity and accelerated flow past a wing pertains to shock waves and stability, but it's been a while since I went through the detailed derivation." I still cannot believe that there is a discontinuity in the velocity (below velocity of sound) and tried to find some arguments against it. I would be interested in some further explications of your point on that.