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Oct31-10, 06:00 PM
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Or are we just really weird?
I'm glad you offered that one up yourself. :)

Actually, no - you're not weird. A friend of mine named her Volvo Helga, and there's a C-130 that used to be in the USAF inventory we called FrankenHerk, as it was originally two aircraft, both of whom (which?) had been involved in accidents, but to different sections, such that a complete aircraft was built from the original two. It always flew a little bit sideways, which made celestial navigation problematic, as heading shots were always off. We finally figured out a correction factor for that aircraft, which made the going a little easier.

I've never been much into naming inanimate options, though I have referred to my GPS as Jill. I picked the name one time when I became annoyed at her incessant voiced directions, and said "Chill... Jill."