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Nov9-10, 08:30 PM
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But what does predictability have to do with the fact that the desicion we take is just the evolution of a system? The fact that we can't predict the evolution of the system doesn't mean we can decide the path the system will take right?
I agree. There's a video out there on YouTube or somewhere in which Daniel Dennett makes this point too. Some people do seem to equate unpredictability with free will in this context, but unpredictability is hardly free will in any normal sense of the expression.

By the way, if you find some error in my english please inform me.
I just read your posts very quickly, but your English looks pretty good to me.

You're right about the usefulness of that kind of statement, there's no practical use (apparently anyway) to such a thing like not really having free will.
I'd replace "like" with "as" here.