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Nov22-10, 08:58 PM
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Well, you're the one that asked for a runway

AZ 89 from Wickenburg to Prescott, and then on to Jerome - that is a beautiful ride...

My parent's lived in Prescott and in Wickenburg in the 80's and I did that route I believe at least once, by car, though. You are right, I remember parts of it were gorgeous. A runway would be nice, for familiarization with high speed handling/braking/downshifting. You can't practice high speed stuff safely or legally anywhere else. However, I have the most fun like I said earlier, on twisty roads with some straight sections. The advanced track training would be a plus, and maybe a rack day or two will allow me (in as safe a way as possible) to have fun with say 90% of what the bike is capable of. The Mr. Hyde part of me that every once in a while wants front and center, thus the need for track days and mixing it up with others, while the Dr Jekyll side says the risk is not worth the reward (crashing or worse) and that part keeps me from straying too far.