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Nov27-10, 03:38 PM
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Interesting observation, maybe I have watched too many high speed slow motion tank slapper video's at the Flats over the years. I believe the difference between a fast successful run and one that ends in disaster lies partially on luck, the wind, the tenuous (at best) conditions of the salt, and the skill of the rider. If all the stars align you may get a record or at least a safe run out of it.
The only one you have control over is the one I bolded. It can be very hard to tamp down instinct and act properly when things get hairy. Years back, I was traveling at a bit over the speed limit on Rte 201, and a trooper came up behind me at a high rate of speed. I pulled into the breakdown lane to get out of his way and was braking as I crossed the paint - and the paint was *just* slippery enough to let the back wheel lock up at ~60 mph. OK, feather the front brake to scrub speed until the fishtailing subsides, get down to a safe speed and release the rear brake. A novice would have panicked at the lock-up and let off the rear brake, only to end up as a red smudge on the pavement.