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Dec1-10, 02:47 PM
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Wow you live in one paranoid society. Do people steal police cars that often?

This site has a record of recent police cruiser thefts. Didn't know it existed until now.

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Very much aware of it. Gun drawn for loitering? Hmm. Perhaps there's more to it? But that's off topic.
Unfortunately you had to put in a personal jab there. My friend was at a movie that ended after the theater's lobby closed. When I knocked on the door and asked an attendant what time the movie ended, they called the cops thinking I was going to harm someone leaving the theater. I should stress I never raised my voice, never spoke of violence, and had no weapons.

EDIT: Oh, it was his birthday, so we were going out for drinks afterwards. It wasn't random.

DOUBLE EDIT: Also, that was the point of me calling it "police misconduct." Because normally guns are not drawn to deal with loitering.