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Dec5-10, 08:27 AM
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Oh, heavens! Just ship it to ... and I'll be more than happy to baby each and every model throughout its break-in period as per BMW's specifications! We not only have lots of twisty roads in remote areas here in Colorado, but I have access to unfettered 2-mile straight-a-ways.
mug, FYI turbo,

HeHe, Get in-line behind turbo, he lives somewhat close by and if (and this is still a big if) I get a nice used enclosed trailer, I could skip up north with both bikes and we could find some twisties in upper VT, NH to ride. To be quite honest, top speed in a straight line is rather boring, the acceleration you get out of 1st, and 2nd gear does it for me, that and being at angle fighting for traction at the same time is really what I prefer.

Here is a short list of some of the things that HAVE occurred at high speed or near high speed over the years:
  • Bumblebee off adam's apple
  • Hitting a bird with the top of my helmet
  • Coming out of a protected area (high speed), and having wind gust almost blow me off the road (scary)
  • Coming through a gulley in Arizona about 2 seconds after a band of wild horses crossed (in a small car, but it would not have helped much)
  • Having a hawk hit the top of my windshield with prey in tow while exiting a freeway toll booth (same trip as horses incident) you could see his talons from inside the car, he tumbled, not sure if he let go of the prey or not it was dark
  • Hitting a swarm of bugs the size of June bugs, slowed real quick on that one
  • Many close calls with furry four legged types, but no direct hits that caused loss of control.