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Dec10-10, 03:52 PM
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Here is what Gary McCoy has been up to: Garry McCoy Out of WSS and into Moto2?

and this:

WSS: Gary McCoy and Triumph Failed to Reach Agreement, No Ride for McCoy – Official Statement

I wish him well, but from what I have seen from Moto2 races, it is like rolling the dice, they mix in seasoned pros like McCoy with guys with little skill and more ego, a dangerous combination. The races are not exactly exciting, more like the "Dukes of Hazard" on a bad day. Things like a twenty bike pile up (read about it in Sport Rider Magazine recently) on the second or third corner of a race. I winced reading the article and the carnage in the pictures. Moto2 is not on my list of following riders or watching races, that is until they get their act together, someone(s) is/are going to get killed soon, if that happens, and I hope it doesn't, seasoned riders and teams will revolt. I don't know how this happened or came about but, it is not pretty to watch.