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Dec30-10, 01:22 PM
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I can only think of a few of people that speak the way you do, so I would not characterize your speech as "Plain English".
By "plain English" I meant only that it didn't contain fraudulent and misleading figurative speech. And it is rather uncommon.
Also, your use of your new word; "Fraudspeak", that you attribute to "Communists" and "Democrats", somewhat contradicts your assertion that your use of the terms Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Democrats, etc, are not insults.
Nonsense. Making insulting statements about Communists is very different from using the word itself as an insult. If the word itself were an insult, they wouldn't use it to describe themselves. Referring to their (or Democrats') propaganda as fraudulent is not equivalent to using the labels themselves as insults.

If I said "all Democrats and Communists are ugly", the political labels are used to specify who I'm insulting, not as insults themselves. The word "ugly" is the word used as the insult. Is that difference not obvious?
Sorry, but that looks like fraudspeak to me.
How so? How was that statement fraudulent in any way? Do you deny that the entirety of the "message" of Democrats about tax policy contains that type of speech?