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Jan10-11, 03:09 PM
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Having argued already that Rand is often take it upon yourself to dig up smear from the 1950s. Should we stop thinking because you acknowledge this person as a genius....thus falling for a popular fallacy...argument from authority. Citing smears must be the lowest form of debate....or the laziest?
You're having some problems with usage. Smear: : a usually unsubstantiated charge or accusation against a person or organization. Here's some help: what you've just posted is a smear: calling Chambers critical book review a smear without substantiation, attributing to me the use of the term "genius" when I did not, suggesting that I ask you to "stop thinking" when I did no such thing and only point out that Chambers had a background with collectivists and was thus likely understood them if anyone did. Then, after putting together your response without the trouble to construct complete sentences you call the debate lazy.