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Jan11-11, 10:07 PM
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Getting 50,000 tons into space and then the construction of said materials for a 50,000km emitter lens is considered "reasonable engineering"?

What was the cost per kg to get stuff into space?
Depends on where you find it. If I were lord and master of the Earth and determined to build the thing, my first stage would be to establish a base on the moon and set up materials production. The "lens" is a wire mesh, not a big hunk of plastic. Getting 50,000 tons into space is a matter of lifting 5000 10ton spools.

But I challenge you to suggest a cheaper way to get a probe to the nearest star. Again I said "most" viable, not "super-easy-cheap-why-didn't-Columbus-just-bypass-America-and-go-to-Alpha-Proxima" viable.