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Jan13-11, 02:19 AM
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That's what I'm saying... if you need 30 rounds to defend yourself, you're in a zombie apocalypse, or such a bad shot you shouldn't have a gun.
It depends on the number of people coming at you. If five gang members break into your home at night intent on theft, rape, and murder, you might need a 30-round clip.

To me, guns and hunting are coincidental subjects. For all I care, all hunting could be limited to slingshots, bows, and arrows. When it comes to concepts like common home defense, civil chaos following a disaster like Katrina [recall the cops that almost lost control of their own building to roving bands of thugs!], an oppressive government out of control, or foreign invaders, it is counter-productive to limit the effectiveness of weapons. Citizens should be able to band together to form an effective army. You don't do that with rabbit guns. You need big poweful guns designed to kill people, and lots of ammo.