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Jan26-11, 09:53 PM
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hi daveyinaz,

thank you for your reply.

by "real science" i mean theories and opinions that are accepted by recognized scientists in other fields. for example, there are individuals who believe that astrology is a "science." however, no area of orthodox science has ever posited that astrology is a science. the same can be said for the study of ufo's, parapsychology, "ghost hunting", kirean photography, water divination, alien abduction, etc.

most articles that i've read on "fractal geometry" talk about the basic math that produces fractal results that can be graphed or in some cases, photographed. what do legitimate mathmaticians say fractal patterns are? do they believe that there is any underlying meaning in observable fractal patterns? do they believe that the results these mathmatical theorems produce have direct relationships causually to the physically world?

simply put, if one finds that the proportion of large and small trees occurring randomly in a forest is exactly what a fractal mathmatical formula would predict that the forest should look like based upon a given fractal formula, does that suggest that a forest is not the result of random selection but the result of a highly ordered mathmatical process that governs the growth of all natural forests world-wide?

i hope i've explained my point better.

thanks again.
jim coster