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Feb12-11, 03:09 AM
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You know, I keep thinking about it, being much older and (slightly) wiser. I think I'd use Turbo's method of a light topping, and work a small batch first. It is dirt cheap, and as you say, when it works it seems like a blast!

Besides... it's chemistry and biology you get to drink at the end of the day.. nerd heaven.

edit: Astronuc, have you tried their Best Brown Ale, or Blackfly Stout? They sound very appealing, but maybe they're better on the bitter end, such as their IPA.
Gritty has a good mix of offerings. I like 21 IPA and Black Fly, but it's hard to find something from them that I don't like. One thing that draws me to Oak Pond is that I have been here since they started up, and I remember the evolution of their classics, like Nut Brown Ale, and the genesis of my favorite White Fox Ale. Breweries are living things, like their brews, and the people that make them. It's so nice to visit the brewery to pick up a couple of growlers - the owner/brewmaster is a very friendly guy and when he has kegged up a particularly good batch of some variant, you WILL have samples of it!!!! It's not pride (though he has every right) but a love of good beer and the recognition that his loyal customers actually appreciate his efforts.