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Feb15-11, 08:25 PM
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What exactly do you mean by trans-atmospheric flight? If I take the phrase at face value, it seems like all space-bound rockets are "trans-atmospheric"

DH mentioned this above (twice I think). The huge price tag on going to the moon is due to procurement- or the acquisition of the actual vehicles, rockets, hardware, etc. The things you mention above have to do with R&D (mainly). The materials we use for spaceflight are largely unchanged. The only thing I could see making a noticeable difference is a system engineering perspective on the overall design.
Oh. I didn't know that. I thought we've made a bit of advancement in materials science and engineering in the last 42 years.

Of course, I knew the bulk of the cost would be procurement and "buying" everything we need. I just thought, from an economic standpoint, the cost might have been reduced over the years for whatever reason.