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Feb17-11, 03:11 PM
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Poisoned Trees: What One Fool Can Do

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Yep, that was my reaction.
In the 60's we were in a mad fight to save Maine's elm trees from destruction by Dutch elm disease. Bingham's downtown and the University of Maine's beautiful Orono campus were horribly scarred by the loss of so many majestic trees. Nothing seemed to work. We had trees "tapped" and looking like sugar maples in the spring, except instead of removing sap, we were injecting compounds that we hoped would protect the elms from beetle-damage and/or the disease they carried. The organist in my college band was a horticulture major and the resident caretaker of the UMO greenhouse. He would be in tears to learn that someone had actually poisoned beautiful trees like that.

The city of Waterville was once known as "the Elm City" because of all the tall graceful elms lining its streets. You'd be hard-pressed to find a surviving elm today. Slow-motion damage, but just as devastating as a fire in the long term.