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Dayle Record
Sep17-04, 11:54 AM
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In direct reply to your last post Russ Watters, some of the discoveries of the last 400 years brought progress, and some didn't.

Don't forget that there are farming families, that have been in place for hundreds of years, growing olives, or pistaschios, or grapes or peaches, or cork, and still live very close to the land.

It is up for grabs if traditional farming methods are better than chemical methods. I have been interviewing farmers for months regarding organic/vs chemical.

I am not ignorant. But on the Farm Bureau pages in Utah there is organized rejoicing over the speeding up of the process of pesticide testing, and approval, and ultimately the use of poorly tested products. They say that it is because of those pesky endangered species, as if it were a frivolity. The endangered species is us, however.

My average electric bill is 25 dollars a month, and my average water bill is about the same. I don't use much. I drive a 4 cylinder car, I have never driven a bigger engine than that. Even running my computer all day, my electric bills are low. Personally, I bought all my produce this summer from organic farmers at market.

Funding one B1 bomber would buy the beans to keep hundreds of thousands of already born and starving children alive, but our energy policies keep us at war, and our resources end up being used this way. If you see the world as one phenomenon, then you see that our choices are wildly out of line with the needs of the world at large. In our own nation the elderly choose whether to eat, or take meds that they have been told they need, by Doctors that have been deliberately misguided by drug company reps for profit enhancement.

It is the same with energy companies, chemical companies, telling us that with out supporting the status quo, millions of us, billions of us will die. The population of this world has been bumped way up by artificial means to fund this "ever growing" economic system, that is in place in a finite system. The big carrot in front of this donkey, is that we will find some other world to take this glorious show to. We will burn down this world to get to another one?

You say I am ignorant, but, that is not the case. This is a forum for ideas, and my ideas deal with the macro issues of the world at large, our energy crisis and policies are intimately linked to large patterns of behavior, and the blind nature of corporate doings.

Agrarian society is not evil, agrarian society was hijacked by agro business for profit. Then they wrote the history, as if it were a horror story.

The name calling here is terrible. You can laugh about my suggestions, but Europe is sitting where it is, with great mass transit, and a vibrant economy, a new peace, a new union, and it is still much the same as it was, in terms of development, and habitation twenty years ago. Population is actually decreasing in Italy of all places, the population is lower there than when I was there in the sixties.