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Mar12-11, 09:49 PM
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The quote from the study that he showed talked about how a particular woman had perceptions when she showed no measurable brain activity. Its an example of why the theory that the mind comes from matter cannot explain everything that happens with the mind.

If you watch the video that I posted at the beginning, not the very first one though, but the ones that You Tube shows that are next then you can watch about this particular woman. Also on this movie there is one part that talks about a theory of consciousness that states that the mind might result from quantum superposition in the microtubuals(might not be spelled right) of the neurons.
Ahhh... the Penrose view, I see... although I don't subscribe to it.

I appreciate your use of "no measureable" rather than "none" by the way... it's far more accurate and telling. My concern here above all is that, "Sabom22 mentions a young American woman who had complications during brain surgery for a cerebral aneurysm...". That's the kind of thing I need more than a mention of, I'd need to see some evidence that rules out obvious malfunctions or misinterprations.

I'm also curious why, when they believed that she was clinically dead, that they would continue the surgery.