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Mar18-11, 10:08 PM
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More likely I think, one of his own people will take him out.

In either case, I think the practical goal [though not the best outcome] is to neuter him, not kill him. This may allow time for the revolution to regain momentum.

Obama is demanding that the Arabs take the lead so this isn't just another US invasion.
I would generally agree that he'd be killed by his own, but with is sons and daughter likely in control, a decapitating action would have to go well beyond Ghaddafi himself.

I would tend towards a limited scorched earth policy for armor not held by rebels (assuming intel can be provided), and using the hellfire missiles that are very effective and kill that family to the last.

I look at Baby Doc, now Aristide... some people need killing, banishment and neutering as you say, is not enough. The point about the AL, I am in complete agreement with.