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Mar20-11, 06:17 AM
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...Every student knows that in a noetherian module an increasing sequence of submodules stabilizes at some finite step. ...
I assume you mean every student of mathematics. I am no algebraist (or whatever branch of mathematics this belongs to) and have never had a proper Abstract Algebra course.

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I think its very reasonable for an instructor to give a homework problem they can't do. I don't think its really appropriate on an exam.
Heh. Sometimes it might just pay off for a bright student.

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Is there any possibility of that post being repeated in English?

That's the coolest description that I've ever seen.
A good teacher doesn't even necessarily teach the subject matter; s/he teaches you how to learn.
That, incidentally, is one of the reasons that PF is such an awesome learning environment.
Yeah, unfortunately, I've seen professors sadistic enough to push you off that cliff and watch you plummet to your academic death, so to speak. Fortunately, these are in the minority.