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Mar23-11, 02:17 PM
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Well, there is a sqrt(). Do an experiment: change all your sqrt() to log() in your Flash code, just like that, and then tell me if anything significant has changed. Even better: change all the calls to sqrt() to some function defined by you, thefun(); there you can play with returning sqrt(), log(), or whatever.

I've been skimming through your code, and I'm wondering where are you introducing the tan(acos(z)) part, because I can't find it.

srfriggen: you may want to start a new thread with your question. Personally I don't have an answer, but someone else may.
I understand the point you are making but the sqrt() is essential in my equation because it perfectly defines the Moiré pattern created by concentric circles and parallell lines. All other functions will miss the intersections of this pattern. My inquiry into this pattern came from an article I read here:
the unit circle:
and the inverse square law: