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Mar23-11, 08:06 PM
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That is open to interpretation, but IMHO no.

When it comes to serious, technical discussion - this is just another lesson that will teach engineers how to design safer reactors.

When it comes to panicking public not understanding the science behind - it will just add to the arsenal of demagogic arguments, but I would not classify them as new, they will play on the same old fears.
I agree and will expand and then throw in a big caveat:

While this does change the risk calculus somewhat and provide lessons for how to improve safety even more, nuclear power is still orders of magnitude safer than it's primary competitor (coal power) in terms of both death toll and environmental damage. So it won't change the conclusion of an objective technical analysis.

The "arsenal of demagogic arguments" does just get another example for the basket, but in the US anyway, the activists who use that arsenal are vocal and successful. So they may well succeed in getting this to set-back nuclear power even further in the US.