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Mar26-11, 06:30 PM
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I wasn't impressed by her work before her incident, nor are any I know at BI: Deaconnes, Mass General, or Harvard Med. Her work after is even less impressive, although like a smoker with a laryngectomy... long on impact, short on news.

What, smoking is bad for you? I never would have guessed!

Partial hemispherectomies are not new, and the plasticity involved (see work being done at BI: Deaconness, Mass General and Harvard), also studied in tandem with the effects of exercise on neural plasticity in Alzheimers patients. Frankly, this isn't good, or bad, just blaaaah.
You're absolutely welcome to that view, but you might appreciate that ad hominem, appeals to authority and expression of distaste aren't going to convince me of anything. I would love to learn rather than hear fallacies. You sound informed, why not share?