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M. Bachmeier
Mar29-11, 12:50 PM
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I live and work approximately ten miles from the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear plant. As many of you probably know, this facility (and I assume others around the country) is periodically shut down for refueling. From what I understand, hundreds of temporary workers are brought in to assist with this activity.

I believe the last refueling outage at TMI was back in fall 2009. Literally thousands of temp workers arrived for that one due to some other major work (installation of new steam generators. etc) that was being done at the time. I assume that many of these workers stayed at local hotels, possibly rented cars, ate at local restaurants, etc. during their time in the area.

My question has to do with how closely a small army of workers like this is checked for potential contamination before they leave a plant site everyday. In other words, what is the chance that any of these workers could inadvertently transport radioactive particles/material off-site (into the community) via their clothing, shoes, etc?

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