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A. Neumaier
Apr26-11, 07:51 AM
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I'm a physicist not a philosopher, so I need some added reminder or hint about what didactic means.
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Give an example with motivational argument to show similarity.
This is done leisurely in Chapter 1 of the book, and comes across at many other places in the book. The abstract is not intended to make looking at the actual text. superfluous. It just summarizes what someone can expect to get out from reading the book.
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Again, show by comparison of the usage of Lie algebra's in classical and quantum physics to motivate comparison.
In a nutshell:
Poisson brackets define Lie algebras. Commutators define Lie algebras.

But to appreciate how far this goes, you need to study the book, not the abstract. It will be worth your time.
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This one is a giant step. You need more motivation for making this claim. Give a few more details and defer it to the main body of the text using a phrase such as "as will be demonstrated". This should be a good half of your abstract.
The main body of the text is the whole book. Innovations on old subjects can usually not be described in a few paragraphs. Please criticise the book (or the FAQ, or the lecture quoted), not the abstract.