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May2-11, 09:15 AM
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I agree that circumventing the theory or changing the parameters of what you're trying to do is the most likely way that speeds greater than c would be achieved.

But I'm also saying: imagine Einstein's laws were very slightly wrong (so slightly that current particle accelerators, which give roughly [itex] 10^{-8} [/itex] joules of energy to the particle, wouldn't be able to detect the inconsistency). Then if someone built a particle accelerator that gave the particles a much higher energy, then it might be possible for speeds greater than c to be achieved.

Einstein's relativity is almost certainly correct. But it's not completely certain. Which is why it is good to have debate on what would happen if it were wrong.
That's a bit like saying "the ATM say's I have 0.05 but imagine if there was a slight calculation and it was actually 500! Let's debate that..." to a debt collector.

Imagining that what we know to the best of our knowledge is wrong and then trying to debate that can be fun but here is no place for it.