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May21-11, 06:07 AM
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It can enhance your abstract thinking ability.

Not directly useful for anything in daily life.
I fully disagree, how do you think barcodes were invented?

A few uses of Linear Algebra:

Codabar system
Digital image compression
Calculating life expectancy
Modelling population growth
Profit maximization
Universal Product Code
Lots more

If you want a thorough discussion of exactly how they are used, then just open up some linear algebra books, or do a Google search.

Higher math isn't just solving puzzles (In fact, that's not really what math is). People don't just do mathematics to improve their thinking abilities; it certainly helps, but it has many applications.

Keep in mind that mathematics need not be applied to anything. Just because you can't use a result of mathematics (at first) for anything practical does not make it useless.