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May23-11, 04:34 PM
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I have a pet theory that cars made in US/UK are less reliable than Asian ones. Why? Because the workers are the people who couldn't get a job anywhere else and had to settle for doing what nobody else wanted to do when their unemployment benefit ran out. That and the "Not my job" trade unionist attitude

factually incorrect..and i dont want this post to be union vs non union debate..the fact is UNION jobs are in high demand because the percent of union workers has shrunk so much over the years..and with and it is a top dollar job..pipe fitters can make over $100,000 a year if they do not turn down any over time..big money to be made. It is true that there are slackers and worthless workers in unions but same is true in takes a bit of intelligence to aquire a union jobs so your premise is false..

Most of the parts for foreign vehicles come from other countries. If the repair shop doesn't carry it, it has to be ordered from "X" country, and it could take weeks to get to the states.

I had this problem with a part I needed to repair a 2000 KIA sportage, that part had to come from south korea, and I had to wait almost a month to get it.

Honda.. a not totally unknown manufacturer was idled due to earthquake in Japan and one unique part could not be made at different supplier...part shortage is due to poor planning of the this world of manufacturing...all world class car makers use parts from all over the world..
Auto shops (especially the ones connected to big dealerships) should keep stockpiles of every important auto part for each one of their vehicles.

I had to drive in 100+ *F temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona, without air conditioning!