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Jun5-11, 07:52 AM
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Do you think those wind pattern arrows are made up? We already know what happened, just waiting for the forthcoming confirmation. Maybe in another month or two if ever.
Nope, they are real. What's unreal is the actual dose or amount of the radioactive source.

If there's a 1Bq/h release we get ~ 1^-12 Bq/mē in Tokio. I don't know if that scale is linear, but let's assume it is. Then for 1000000 Bq/mē Kr-85/I-129/Cs-137 you'd need a release of 10^18 Bq/h.
So if we'd actually KNOW how much material the reactors were spitting out EVERY HOUR during the first two weeks, we could make use of these cards and calculate what radiation hit Tokio. But we don't. And so those cards tell us nothing except "the wind was blowing in direction x at time z" - which we already know.

But again we're straying offtopic with something which fits better in the contamination and consequences thread...