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Jun7-11, 06:48 PM
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Final words:
I'm honestly shocked by the utter arrogance some previous writers showed. A american desigend nuclear power plant in one of the technological leading country just failed in every possible aspect, contaminated large areas and those guys are still one hundred percent sure that won't happen again because their plants are way more secure...
I'm suprised at the utter arrogance and ignorance in plenty of people here on the forums. Especially the ones that believe that nuclear power is the worst thing ever designed. Every incident to date has shown that an insufficient focus on safety has been the ultimate deciding factor during incidents or the direct cause of them. Also, I don't believe that anyone in this forum has ever said that they are 100% sure it wont happen. The argument has been whether the benefits outweigh the risks, which brings in the argument of chances of incidents. Obviously there are a huge variety of opinions.

There are multiple threads on these views already, so I will not be replying to any responses here unless you really want me to.

If I remember correctly, the newest NPP in the US is from 1980. Have fun counting 40+ years NPPs there.
Hrmm, I thought we had newer ones since then. If not, then my mistake.