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Jun8-11, 03:45 PM
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@mender: I always like your basic explanations for how the cart works best. Find them reassuring in terms of how I perceive it. (And I wouldn't confess this elsewhere for fear of casting doubts on your understanding. )

I know it's in the blog somewhere, but bet you know the gear ratio of BB. What was it again? And using your explanation above, what would be the max BB could maintain steady state above ws? I may have seen this laid out many times before, but after 4k pages of such forgive an old guy if it overloads my RAM. The info is there, but often inaccessible.

After much thought I can finally envision BB leaving the packing popcorn in the dust. With spork on board we are talking about over 600 lbs.. Couldn't it store a lot of momentum under the right conditions getting up to ws? If a tin can will exceed ws for a few seconds in a lull after a gust, wouldn't BB be capable of doing so for ten seconds or more?

I'm speaking hypothetically above, as I know the NALSA rules take gusts and direction into consideration. But it was a first of its kind test for a sport's club, so might it not be in the realm of possibility they got some things wrong?

I would still love to see how I Ratant's cart would do on a treadmill after seeing that popcorn sail past it in natural wind. And remember, he was clever enough to design a cart that had remote steering and could ride the wind without needing a guide wire.